Milan, Yonghong Li Searching For A Minority Partner

The operations to refinance Milan's debt are ongoing. The president is searching for a minority partner to join the Rossoneri Sport Investment.

DAZN Canada, MLS sign 3 year deal

Fans will have access to a minimum of 262 games in 2018

TV rights, Super League and Competitiveness: Ceferin’s UEFA at a crossroads

Ceferin underlines in two phrases the challenge that lies ahead for UEFA today.

Champions League: 2018/19 Official Ball Preview

A few images of the 2018-19 Champions League official ball have been released on the web.


Premier League BT solidarity

Premier League TV rights sold for £4.464 bn for 2019-2022 seasons

Sky Sports have won the rights to four tranches - 128 live matches

The 2026 World Cup in North America Could Generate $5 Billion

The report commissioned by the ‘United Bid Committee’ has revealed that the host cities would benefit from around $480 million.

Official: Mediapro acquires domestic Serie A TV rights, but Sky is contesting

Mediapro acquires the domestic Serie A TV rights for the 2018-21 seasons.

Mediapro Showcases Its Project to Italian Serie A Managers

The Spanish TV rights multinational has decided to invite the top managers of the Italian Serie A to the derby Espanyol-Barcelona.

Financial Fair Play 2.0: UEFA Pushes Clubs To Financial Transparency

Every club included in European competitions will have to publish the financial statements on its official website adding a report by the auditors.