Champions League: 2018/19 Official Ball Preview

A few images of the 2018-19 Champions League official ball have been released on the web.

China, Is The Luxury Tax Working?…Maybe!

The austerity plan implemented by the Chinese government with the introduction of the luxury tax has hit the world of football.
Premier League BT solidarity

Premier League TV rights sold for £4.464 bn for 2019-2022 seasons

Sky Sports have won the rights to four tranches - 128 live matches

The 2026 World Cup in North America Could Generate $5 Billion

The report commissioned by the ‘United Bid Committee’ has revealed that the host cities would benefit from around $480 million.



Mediapro Showcases Its Project to Italian Serie A Managers

The Spanish TV rights multinational has decided to invite the top managers of the Italian Serie A to the derby Espanyol-Barcelona.

Financial Fair Play 2.0: UEFA Pushes Clubs To Financial Transparency

Every club included in European competitions will have to publish the financial statements on its official website adding a report by the auditors.
Tv Rights Television Milano 1-03-2015 Stadium Giuseppe Meazza Photo: Giuseppe Celeste / Insidefoto

TV Rights: Manchester United First, Inter and Juventus in the Top 20

UEFA has unveiled a detailed analysis of the European clubs also focussing on revenues from television rights.
Nike Real Madrid

Shirt Sponsorships: Italian Clubs Far Behind European Giants

The gap between the main Italian clubs and the kings of Europe is widening more and more, especially when we focus on shirt sponsorships.