Premium Sport HD Microphone
Mediaset Premium Sport - Photo: Andrea Staccioli / Insidefoto

One of the channels included in the Mediaset pay-TV package sharply boosted its popularity. According to the data released by Italia Oggi, Premium Sport HD’s audience went up 30% if confronted with last year’s results.

Although Premium Sport HD’s performance is definitely positive for Mediaset, on the other side the Milan-based company has to urgently find a solution to improve Italia Uno and Rete 4’s audience. Recently, both channels entered in a negative spiral that Mediaset’s management need to stop. La7 (+4.4%), therefore, exploited Meidiaset’s troubled moment to overtake Rete 4 becoming the sixth most important Italian national channel.

Sky Uno performed even better than Premium Sport HD. The channel included in the Sky pay-TV package went up 35% compared to its 2015 audience.

The national TV channel Rai 1 lost 1.5 points of its audience during the 24 hours and in the programs streamed in the prime-time, while Canale 5 gained one point of share.

Remarkable is the performance of the unencrypted Sky channel Tv8 but disappointing is the one of Cielo. The first obtained a whopping +50% of share if compared to the 2015 results while the second lost around 20%.