Luigi De Siervo (photo: Imagoeconomica)
Luigi De Siervo (photo: Imagoeconomica)

Luigi De Siervo is the new CEO of the Serie A League. The manager, who until now has held the same role in Infront Italy, was elected with 15 votes out of 20, one more than necessary.

Luigi De Siervo took more votes on Matteo Mammì, the former manager of Sky who had been identified by the nominating committee of the Serie A League and entered the final short list together with the manager of Infront Italy.

The new CEO of the Serie A League was elected in the third ballot. At the second vote De Siervo already had 13 votes, two more than the first poll and one less than the quorum required, while Mammì had stopped at 4 (there were 7 at the first vote). There were indeed two white cards and one nothing.

Who is Luigi De Siervo

Until now, De Siervo has been the managing director of Infront Italy, advisor of the League of Serie A.

The manager, lawyer, born in Florence, 49 years old, former middle-distance and American football player, was for many years one of Rai Com before moving to Infront.

De Siervo is one of the leading experts on TV and product development-football and could be the manager to develop the TV project of the Football League to be launched from the season 2021-2022, when the current contract with Sky and DAZN expires.