anticipazioni terza maglia Manchester United 2017-2018

FinecoBank is looking with interest at the world of football, and it is doing so through the front door. According to what Calcio e Finanza has learned from London sources, the bank is checking the possibility of becoming one of the sponsors of Manchester United. Headquartered in Milan, FinecoBank is active in the United Kingdom since 2017, and it is led by CEO and general manager Alessandro Foti. The sponsorship would put the name of the bank alongside one of the most prestigious and well-known clubs in the world.

According to the leaks, the negotiations would be based on a 20 million euros contract, making FinecoBank one of the financial partners of the Manchester club.

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The company is one of the most important FinTech banks in Europe. FinecoBank’s transactional and advisory services and platforms are developed in-house with proprietary technologies and are characterised by a strong component of innovation, aimed at making the customer experience smooth and intuitive across all channels.

FinecoBank is also one of the most important players in Private Banking in Italy, with a highly tailor-made advisory approach that includes fiduciary services, protection and transmission of personal and corporate assets, legal and tax advice and management of discontinuity events.

Since 2017, FinecoBank has also been active in the UK, with an offering focused on brokerage and transactional services.