Photo by Filippo Alfero Insidefoto

Juventus presents Juventus Pass – This is the new Video on Demand platform of the Black-and-White of Turin. Juventus Pass can be accessed via browser and via App for smartphones and tablets (Android and IOS). Juventus’ fans abroad (worldwide except in Italy) will have the opportunity to enjoy the engaging content of Agnelli’s club 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


This is what the Juventus Pass provides to the passionate supporters:

  • All of the Juventus matches in the UEFA Champions League with Real-time statistics and multi-cam experience.
  • All of the Juventus matches in Serie A and TIM Cup with Real-time statistics and multi-cam experience.
  • Highlights of all Juventus matches in every competition;
  • Exclusive videos dedicated to the Juventus players of the past and present;
  • Workouts, behind the scenes, and other content dedicated to the team;
  • 90-minute recordings of Juventus’ great challenges of the past;
  • Unforgettable match highlights
  • Playlist dedicated to Juventus Legends
  • Special features for kids, with a constantly updated theme #JKids archive.


Two types of subscriptions are planned: Monthly (which costs $ 7.99, Pounds or Euros) and yearly ($ 34.99, Pounds or Euros). In addition, there are special offers for international JMembers: six months of Juventus Pass for the price of one, and then discounted prices on the monthly pass or on the subscription for one year.


For now, however, Juventus’ fans will NOT be able to watch live matches, as specified by Juventus in the site’s FAQ