Riccardo Silva Stadium
Riccardo Silva Stadium

Miami FC, which made its debut last year in the NASL (North American Soccer League) will benefit from significant improvements to its stadium, the Florida International University (FIU), after receiving a record $3.76 million donation from Miami FC co-owner Riccardo Silva.

The 20,000 seat stadium will be renamed the Riccardo Silva Stadium.

The generous donation will provide the funding necessary to install a new state-of-the-art playing surface and a new HD video board.

Riccardo Silva is the founder of MP & Silva, a company specialized in distributing TV and media rights for sports federations, leagues, clubs and rights holders. They have the exclusive rights to distribute La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and many other propertiess in 215 countries.

According to the Miami Herald, Miami FC coach Alessandro Nesta is delighted with the new playing surface. He and the players complained last season about the conditions of the field.

“This is a very important improvement, because last season, every time we came here to play, it was not good,” Nesta said. “It was impossible, really, to play good soccer on that turf. This season, Riccardo has resolved this problem and now we have a beautiful field, the best in this league, for sure, and we are ready to give a good show for all the fans who come watch the games.”

Alessandro Nesta Riccardo Silva
Alessandro Nesta and Riccardo Silva

Silva was honoured and grateful to have the stadium named after him.

“FIU has been an amazing partner since we began working together with Miami FC,” said Silva. “When I brought professional soccer to Miami last year, I never dreamed that the Miami FC would be playing in a stadium named after me. It’s a huge honor of which I’m very proud and grateful.”

“When I launched the team, it was about doing something meaningful, not only for soccer, but also for the city of Miami and the Miami communities. FIU is one of the most important institutions of Miami, so this is a perfect combination to share a stadium. If two teams share a stadium, it is very beneficial because you can combine forces, combine resources, do cross-promotion, it’s a win-win situation.”