A camera on the pitch in Milan (Photo:
A camera on the pitch in Milan (Photo:

It seems to be clear that all the Serie A matches can be viewed with one subscription. There will be at least one broadcaster that will stream the whole Serie A game package for the 2018-2021 seasons. However, no broadcasters will get the exclusivity on the Serie A matches due to Melandri’s law, the government rule that regulates the sale of the TV rights in Italy. A source close to Calcio e Finanza assured us that at least one broadcaster will be able to acquire the whole bouquet of the Serie A game.

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That being said, a fan of whatever Italian team will, despite the innovations introduced by the guidelines in reference to the sale of the TV rights for the Serie A games, be able to enjoy the whole show with just one subscription. It will be also possible to get the exclusive rights for the same games simultaneously on two of the three platforms: satellite, digital television, and the Internet.

According to the guidelines, “no operator is allowed to”:

  • Exclusively acquire a higher number of packages offered to the total number minus two;
  • In reference to the packages created for the platform, acquire packages that exclusively contain on the same platform events included in all three bands.

However, Serie A reserves the right not to plan the implementation of multiple packages for the platform. The Italian football federation also ensures that there will be a minimum of 80% of the live games in the first auction on the market. In addition, they swear that this is the best system to “encourage investments in the acquisition of the TV rights and to meet the demands of consumers / users.