Real Madrid lost 3-2 to Barcelona last Sunday in the latest El Clasico, with Lionel Messi scoring the winner in stoppage time.

During the match, many Barcelona fans were spotted sitting in sections reserved for Real Madrid, angering the home side who voiced their frustration on social media and prompted an investigation.

The result is Real Madrid revoking 357 season tickets due to improper use.

Real Madrid issued the following statement:

In relation to the improper use of season tickets by some members, detected by the club in coordination with the state security forces, Real Madrid C. F. wants to clarify the following:

– The sale of season tickets, without authorization from the club, its non-free transfer, its auction or its use for commercial purposes is explicitly prohibited. The titled owner of the season ticket is responsible for the proper use of it, as included in the rules of access to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and in the season ticket itself.

– The Disciplinary Committee of Real Madrid C. F., before the last meeting in the league played in the Santiago Bernabéu, had already opened 1,450 files of expulsion towards members due to the resale of season tickets.

– On the occasion of el Clásico played last Sunday, the Club’s Quality Control Service, in coordination with the state security forces, has withdrawn a total of 357 season tickets, after having detected an irregular use of them, and will be referred to the Social Disciplinary Commission as the competent body for the opening of the corresponding reports, which may lead to the expulsion of the holders of these season tickets as members of Real Madrid.

– Real Madrid wants to show that it will continue working hard to combat this illegal practice, within the framework of our statutes and regulations. The club can only pursue these irregularities in collaboration and coordination with the state security forces.

– Irregular practice in the use of season tickets by a minority does not tarnish the faultless behaviour of the vast majority of the members and season ticket holders of Real Madrid.