Paul Pogba of Manchester and Eden Hazard of Chelsea
Paul Pogba of Manchester and Eden Hazard of Chelsea in action during the Premier League match between Chelsea and Manchester United London 23-10-2016 Stamford Bridge Photo: PHC Images / Panoramic / Insidefoto

The EFL presented iFollow, an innovative digital live streaming and content platform dedicated to the football lovers eager to watch the EFL teams from overseas.

iFollow will, for the first time in English football, enable EFL fans based outside the UK and Ireland to watch their team during the regular EFL season.

iFollow targets a great mass of passionate football fans estimated to be about 270,000 EFL supporters based outside the UK. The goal is to enable their supporters to follow the action wherever they are in the world.
This innovative service will be available for the 2017/18 EFL season. Overseas subscribers will pay the equivalent of £110 per season for the service which will provide coverage of up to 46 live games per club. iFollow will provide 1,500 games in HD quality.

Premier League BT solidarity

Although the vast majority of EFL clubs agreed to be watchable through the iFollow platform there are a few teams who have not at this time. However, those clubs will provide their fans with access to their own clubs’ digital services.

This is definitely a service in demand nowadays and iFollow entered this live streaming market because a survey of over 1,600 fans showed that 73% would be very likely or quite likely to subscribe to a live match streaming service and almost half would be happy to pay an annual subscription fee to do so. People passionate about EFL games are everywhere in the world. 55% of the EFL’s fans are located in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand where the potential audience for the iFollow platform could reach into the hundreds of thousands.

NeuLion, a US-based company leader in the online video delivery has developed the integrated streaming service alongside UK company Realise who has built the club websites.