Torino has completed a major reconstruction and renovation of its old grounds Stadio Filadelfia, nearly two years since the work was started. The former home of the historic and iconic Il Grande Torino was reopened at an official unveiling took place today in front of fans, past and present players, the media and Torino president Urbano Cairo.

Back in 2015 the management of Torino, together with the Stadio Filadelfia Foundation, presented a plan of reconstruction of the stadium and surrounding areas. In addition, there are plans to build a new official headquarters for the club, a museum and housing for the youth squad.

The newly renovated stadium will become the official grounds for Torino’s primavera squad and also be used for training by the senior club.

Torino president Urbano Cairo:

“Today is special, an extraordinary day. I don’t want to take any special credit, I did what I could. I once said I wanted to be the president that would bring il Toro to play again at the Filadelfia Stadium. The Filadelfia is not only a magical, almost sacred location, but also a place that brought lots of luck. When the stadium was born in 1926 Torino won the scudetto immediately after.”

Torino mayor Chiara Appendino:

“I believe an important piece of our history has been reconstructed here. When speaking about our history I mean this in two ways: the history of our city and of football, because Il Grande Torino is legendary.”