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It seems to be clear that West Bromwich Albion’s Chinese owner Guochuan Lai is a mysterious figure in the world of football. He has been in the background since investing in the club this summer. However,  Rich List editor Ian Strachan tried to unveil his enormous spending power.

Nowadays, it can be difficult to assess the wealth of Chinese investors. Strachan suggested he might actually be worth more than £2.8 billion.

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“Our estimate of £2.8 billion may be conservative because according to our information he leads several growing private investments in technology, virtual reality, tourism, and sport.

Although his main interests are in China, Mr. Lai stated that he will closely support the chairman and executive team.”

Guochuan Lai and landscaping company Palm are ready to build up to six “soccer towns” across China. This is a strategy that the billionaire is implementing to expand the West Brom brand across China.

According to InsideWorldFootball, West Brom’s youth academy will be a centerpiece in all the locations which will be eco-focussed in their build and offer a wide range of social amenities.

Lai’s main goal is not to build traditional cities but environmentally focused towns with integral health, cultural and leisure facilities.

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Recently, Mr. Lai and landscaping company Palm signed contracts with the local governing bodies of the Guizhou Province to build the first sports town between Guiyang and Anshun.

West Bromwich Albion’s Chinese owner Guochuan Lai meets both the government’s objectives for the development of football and environmental sustainability.

Also, Palm intends to place football facilities at the heart of communities to provide significant future commercial and cultural opportunities for the Club.