Milan - Cagliari /Insidefoto

In an effort to entice Milan fans to become season ticket holders while securing tickets for all three Europa League home matches, the club is offering a mini package to get tickets for all the group stage matches for season ticket holders only.

Here are the details of the offering from the club’s official website:

Starting September 5th, all those who acquired season tickets for the Serie A championship by September 3rd will be able to purchase a mini package for the UEFA Europa League group stage matches with first priority (between Sept. 5th and Sept. 11th) and then from Sept. 12th to 14th. Those who acquire season tickets from September 4th to the 14th will be able to purchase their mini package Europa League tickets with first priority on September 18, 19 and 20.

The deadline to acquire season tickets for the Serie A championship is September 14. It is assumed that after September 14th, remaining tickets will be sold to the general public.

What hasn’t been announced, but can be confirmed via the club, is that those who do not acquire season tickets will only be able to purchase single game Europa League matches. Therefore, once the deadline to get season tickets passes, Milan won’t offer the opportunity to purchase the mini package anymore, so fans will have to buy tickets for each game individually.

Prices for the mini package range from a low of €40 to a high of €280.

Milan will make their Europa League debut on Sept. 14th as they travel to Vienna to face Austria Wien at the Ernst-Happel-Stadion.