Giampiero Ventura
Giampiero Ventura, Sweden vs Italy - Photo: Ludvig Thunman / BILDBYRAN / Insidefoto

Following Italy’s loss to Sweden in World Cup qualification playoff, irate Azzurri fans wanted Gian Piero Ventura’s immediate resignation or sacking. Two days later nothing has happened and to nobody’s surprise it is all due to a question about money. However a meeting is expected to take place today in Rome where Ventura will get sacked officially.

In his contract, there was an automatic renewal had Italy qualified for the World Cup till 2020. Since that didn’t happen, his contract is set to expire in June 2018. The issue now is the compensation he is owed till June, estimated at 100,000 euros net per month.

This can explain why he avoided speaking to the media at San Siro at the end of the match, limiting his availability with a simple declaration “I am not resigning because I have to speak to the President regarding certain matters.” A clear reference to his compensation.

The FIGC has put itself in a delicate situation in which Michele Uva, as general manager, must navigate. Find an agreement with Ventura that satisfies both parties, including a clause where the FIGC stops any payment in case Ventura finds another coaching job.

Ventura won’t resign without compensation and will hold out, having gotten his lawyer involved in the negotiations. A previous experience with Bari has shown how Ventura will fight for every penny he is owed, and nothing says he won’t do the same here. Therefore no discounts for the FIGC.

In the event the FIGC makes the decision to sack Ventura, they will have to pay him everything he is owed.