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Juventus Football Club S.p.A. announces that an agreement with Everton Football Club for the temporary acquisition, until 30 June 2023, of the registration rights of the player Moise Bioty Kean has been finalized for a consideration of € 7.0 million, of which € 3.0 million for sporting season 2021/2022 and € 4.0 million for sporting season 2022/2023.

The agreement entails the obligation for Juventus to definitely acquire the player’s registrations rights, subject to the achievement of certain given sporting objectives by the end of the season 2022/2023. The agreed consideration for the definitive acquisition is € 28.0 million, payable in three years.

Furthermore, a maximum of € 3.0 million of cumulative bonuses are envisaged upon achievement of further sporting performance objectives.