Francesco Totti celebrates after a goal in the derby - Rome 21 April 2004 / Photo Andrea Staccioli Insidefoto
Francesco Totti celebrates after a goal in the derby - Rome 21 April 2004 / Photo Andrea Staccioli Insidefoto

How much has Totti earned during his career with Roma? Calcio e Finanza tried to provide an answer to this question. In order to do so, we analyzed official data and info from old newspaper articles, because when Totti began his career with Roma the giallorossi were not listed on the stock market.

We have monitored and reported info related to 21 out of 25 years of his total career with Roma but we focused our attention to his salaries and the sale of image rights to the club. So, let’s retrace Totti’s career to finally understand how much Totti has earned with Roma.

Since the 1996/97 season Totti earned €84.25 million net (around €152 million gross amount paid by Roma.) The peak was reached in the 2004/2005 season when Totti earned €6 million net while during the current season Totti’s salary is reduced to €1.2 million.

How much has Totti earned with Roma?
How much has Totti earned with Roma?

How much has Totti earned with Roma? – Sources

As stated above, in the period from 1996/97 to 1999/2000 it was not possible to rely on official information. We have therefore analyzed the data found in the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” archive and in that of the “Gazzetta dello Sport”. From the year 2000 the club was publicly traded and we used the official data reported in the financial statements. The data provided are always before tax. The net amount collected by Totti was calculated applying a ratio of 1.8 times between gross and net.

How much has Totti earned with Roma? – 1996/97

We found the first reference of Totti’s salary in an article published on June 30 1997 titled “Sport and billions. Dreams and reality of township boys”. That article was dedicated to the Roman talents of that period such as Francesco Totti, Alessandro Nesta, Max Biaggi, and Giancarlo Fisichella.

Even in the following year (1997/98) Totti’s salary is 1B Lira (around €500,000). At the end of that season Totti was involved in the World Cup in France and after that competition rumors were reporting issues with Totti’s contract renewal. This is what was reported by Andrea Sorrentino on “La Repubblica” on June 10 1998.

Totti renewed his contract on June 30 2003 and his salary increased to 3 billion Lira (€1.5 million) and was expected to gradually rise up to 6 billion Lira (€3 million) in the 2002/03 season.

In the 1999/2000 season Totti’s contract was adjusted and went up to 4.5 billion Lira (around €2.25 million). That season was painful for Totti and the Roma fans because Lazio won the title while Roma ended the season in the 18th position. Totti, for the first time, showed signs of impatience.

The then president Franco Sensi quoted Roma on the stock market in April 2000 and in the same period, AC Milan president Silvio Berlusconi tried to exploit Totti’s disappointment to pursue him. To convince the player to join the rossoneri Berlusconi proposed a salary two times higher than what Totti was getting in Rome.

The uncertainty between Totti and Roma continued for some time. Sensi pursued Batistuta from Fiorentina and in the season 2000/01 Roma finally won the title. That was a turning point for Totti and Roma because a few days after the jewel of Rome stated:

“I decided to remain with Roma because I understood that it is possible to win here too. This is the reason why I will renew my contract soon.”

How much has Totti earned with Roma? – 2001-05

On May 9 2001 Totti renewed his contract with Roma. At 6:15pm, when the stock market was closed, Roma released an official statement.

The Italian newspaper  “La Repubblica” wrote: “A pharaonic operation, 87 billion gross, 50 bln net, Totti becomes the highest paid Italian player. His salary increases from 4 to 8 bln and then it will further rise in the course of the years up to 12 bln.”

How much has Totti earned with Roma? – 2005-10

On May 31 2005, just a few weeks before Totti married Ialry Blasi the Roma legend further extended his contract with Roma.

According to “La Repubblica” Totti’s new contract was worth €5.8 million per year until 2010, plus an one year extension as stated by a private deed.

How much has Totti earned with Roma? – 2010-14

On December 16 2009, Totti, once again, renewed his contract with Roma. The player should have signed an agreement for €4.9 million net (for the season 2009/10) and €4.8 million for the other four seasons until June 30 2014. Totti expressed his happiness to remain with his beloved team: “I have always dreamed of wearing this jersey for life. My dream came true. Thank you all, however, my first thought is for Franco Sensi.”

How much has Totti earned with Roma? – 2014-16

On September 13 2013, just a few days before he turned 37, Totti signed a new contract with Roma. The club is now owned by the Bostonian investor James Pallotta. This was a 1-year contract and no statement was released by the parties, however, according to “Gazzetta dello Sport, Totti’s contract decreased to €2.5 million per season, not considering the sale of part of his image rights by “Numberten”. On the basis of these details the total net earned by Totti should be around €3.2 million per season.

How much has Totti earned with Roma? – 2016/17

On June 7 2016 Totti should have signed his last contract with Roma. As reported by “” the contract is worth €1.2 million per season plus bonus and with most of the image rights left to the club. The agreement establishes that the Roma captain will play until June 30 2017. After that “historical date” Totti will be Roma’s technical director for the next six seasons (until 2023) earning €600,00 per year.