Italian football lost appeal for the fifth consecutive year and the number of supporters is sharply decreasing. According to a survey by Demos for the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”, in 2010, 52% of the respondents proudly stated to be football fans. Nowadays the percentage crashed to 38%. The survey also shows that the “avid-supporters” are increasing while the “warm-supporters” are decreasing (16% of those interviewed.) The main reason that triggered this lack of appeal is the disappointment with the actual football system (57%) which accounts for much more than the poor performance of their favorite team (7%.) Although this data highlights that Italian football is “sick” it still considered the sport most loved by Italians. On the second step of the podium there is motorcycle racing (35%) while in third position is F1 (34%).

Just 20% of those interviewed believe that Italian football is “cleaner” than in the past. Three supporters out of ten firmly believe that the situation in Italian football is worse than before. 50% of the people believe that this severe crisis in Italian football is due to betting, a detrimental phenomenon seriously harmful for football. Nearly 1 out of 4 people (37%) believe that corruption is hurting Italian football, even more than organized crime (31%.)

The Italian Serie A is losing appeal. Only 27% of those interviewed reckon that the Italian league is interesting and compelling. 47% believe that other leagues are more attractive. 76% of fans agree with the belief that there are “too many interests” revolving around football. Another interesting piece of data is that 69% of those interviewed believe that there are too many foreigners in the Italian Serie A, a higher percentage than those who are convinced that there is too much violence in football (66%.)

Surprisingly, the trust in Carlo Tavecchio, the head of the Italian football federation, has increased (21% in 2014; 27% in 2016), although, referees are always the most esteemed among the fans (57% trust them.)