No surprises for the year-end Ranking Fifa. The classification by nation remains unchanged with Argentina in the lead with 1634 points, ahead of Brazil (1544) and Germany (1433).

To complete the top ten there are Chile, Belgium, Colombia, France, Portugal, Uruguay and Spain. In front of Italy also, in order, Switzerland, Wales, England, Croatia and Poland. In addition to the latest ranking of the year, FIFA awarded Argentina as the national team of the 2016, as leading the rankings.

This despite the bitter disappointment in Copa America, with the defeat against Chile and the retirement threat by Leo Messi. A threat promptly withdrawn when after doing the math financially where he realized how much he could have lost (in terms of image, sponsors, etc …).

Deschamps’ France, however, was awarded as the team with “best performance” of the year, despite the defeat in the Euro2016 final against Portugal.

In detail, here’s the top ten and Italy’s position.

  1. Argentina 1634 points 2. Brazil 1544 3. Germany 1433 4. Chile 1404 5. Belgium 1368 6. Colombia  1345  7. France 1305 8. Portugal 1229 9. Uruguay  1187 10. Spain 1166 16. ITALY 1083