The president of the Italian Serie B league knows what he wants and recently decided to challenge Carlo Tavecchio to become the new president of the Italian football federation. The election will take place on March 6, 2017, and Andrea Abodi believes to have a high chance to succeed.

In a recent interview that he released at the Italian “Radio Anch’io Sport” the head of the Serie B league stated:

Firstly, I decided for my candidacy because many people asked me to do something but moreover because I believe that football must change gear and direction. There are many negative data to evaluate. My wish is to bring to the football federation all the positive things that I implemented in my league”.

Carlo Tavecchio - President of the Italian football federation
Carlo Tavecchio – President of the Italian football federation

Recently, Carlo Tavecchio expressed his negative point of view about the reform of the Italian Serie A, Calcio e Finanza reported and analyzed that news in this article!

The actual president of the Italian football federation stated that the reform of the Serie A is pure utopia but Andrea Abodi thinks differently:

If so it would be the total failure of a project that was at the base of the management of this football federation. It is not a utopia at all but we have to deeply analyze the data and make the right decisions. We have to understand how to engage the audience and increase revenues. In reference to the reform, we don’t have to begin with a unique block, we could start with the lower categories and we could do so from March 7th”.

Although the intentions of Andrea Abodi seem to be fair and interesting, the data is highlighting that Carlo Tavecchio is still ahead with 55% of the preference. Andrea Abodi is not sure that the real situation is as it seems to be:

These are not the real numbers because I firmly believe that the decision about the Serie A will be decisive. At this stage we have the same percentage of appreciation; however, I do not care about the actual numbers. People have to know what we want to implement to improve Italian football and those that have the rights to vote have to be sure of their choice on March 6th.

I also believe that the most important thing is the method that we have to use to improve football. It is really important how we work together, the analysis, the researches, and the collaboration among those involved in the project. Also, we have to be open to the world, to the fans and the investors but being aware of the negative aspects. Football must return to the implementation of the basic strategies of marketing and promotions”.

In the meantime, Ulivieri’s AIAC already informed that their preference goes to Carlo Tavecchio and Andrea Abodi gently accepted their decision:

I totally respect their decision even if I am upset about not having had the possibility to talk with the other delegates. I believe that a vote has to be informed and not the result of an order coming from above. I will try my best to talk with these delegates to let them know about my program and my intentions. I also hope to have a face to face with Carlo Tavecchio who is and will always be my friend and to whom I wish the best of luck.