Pescara president Daniele Sebastiani has said that he will sell Pescara, but “not at any cost”. The president has it clear that while his club, who are currently last in Serie A and virtually certain to be relegated this season, are up for sale, he won’t sell the Delfini to anyone just to get shot of the club. Sebastiani spoke about the sale to RadioUno, saying that “This is my team, from my city – this is my creation. I’ve said that I’ll sell, but only to someone better than me. I’m certainly not giving it to a cowboy who will just come to steal money from the club and disappear, leaving the team bankrupt.”

The first signs that the Pescara president would leave came a couple of weeks ago after one of the president’s cars was set on fire after a particularly heavy 6-2 home defeat to Lazio, and Sebastiani has now confirmed his intentions. “I’m open to stepping aside, everything has to come to an end at some point. I’d rather not get involved in certain debates, I don’t make deals with the devil. But Pescara cannot just be about four people who only want to show how talented they are and that they’re the people in charge. I’m very sorry about the image Pescara have given to the country this year.”

Hope has been given to the Abruzzese club by the return of Zdenek Zeman, who returned saying “I owe Pescara” after leaving them after winning promotion in 2012 to join Roma. “It’s the start of a new season for us,” Sebastiani says. “We have to believe in ourselves and we’ll keep believing until mathematically we can no longer do so. This season Pescara have dropped a lot of points that we should easily have won. When results don’t come despite putting in the effort, you start to become disheartened, you can get depressed, and everything else follows from that.”

However, Zeman led Pescara to a 5-0 win against Genoa in his first game back – Pescara’s biggest ever win in Serie A – and the president said that “Zeman has definitely had an effect tactically, but he’s also done a lot to help the players mentally. They’re certainly not the best team in the league, but equally they don’t deserve to be in the position they’re in right now.”