Football fans are very passionate when it comes to supporting their teams, and there is nothing that binds a club more with its fans than its logo and colours.

A logo is a visual representation and the first thing that comes to mind about a club; a symbol which unites and builds emotional ties.

It is for these reasons companies spend thousands of dollars on branding when it comes to creating a new logo or updating an existing one. While a logo in and of itself does not guarantee success on the pitch, there is no denying of its importance off the pitch especially for marketing and merchandising.

In this article I put aside my Milan bias and look at each of the Serie A team logos and rank them purely on aesthetics (design, colours, clarity, to name a few). I will also explain the meaning of the logo. This is purely subjective and as the saying goes, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Serie A Logos Ranked


Rank Logo Nicknames Analysis
20 sampdoriaSampdoria Il Doria

La Samp

The logo is composed of a crest with the blue, red and white team colors, with a black silhouette of a sailor, the symbol of the port city. However the sailor who is supposed to have wavy hair and smoking a pipe looks like blob of spilled ink.
19  crotoneCrotone Pitagorici


The oval of the Calabrese club displays the team name with its blue and red colors. In the middle in a white block (why not make it transparent?) appear two sharks and a triangular pennant containing the coat of arms of the city against a backdrop of red and blue stripes. Too busy and you need binoculars to grasp that.
18  empoliEmpoli Azzurri Empoli’s logo of a blue shield with interlocking letters is unclear and the letters look scibbled together. At the bottom is the club’s year of foundation.
17  chievoChievo Gialloblu

Mussi Volanti
The flying donkeys have a blue and yellow crest, their name and year of founding along with medieval lord of Verona, Cangrande I della Scala. Interior too yellow for my liking.
16  logojuveJuventus Vecchia Signora


Le Zebre
Gone is the traditional crest (which was very nice), replaced with a simplistic J with a shield beside it. With these two simple lines Juventus is trying to appeal their brand beyond football – doubt it will work, fans are loyal to the club not the logo. Too minimalist for my liking.
15  udineseUdinese Friulani


A white shield with black echelon (symbol of Udine) pointing up is embedded in a grey circle surrounded by golden branches. The white on grey is too light on the eyes.
14  pescaraPescara Biancazzurri


The Abruzzo club affectionately makes the dolphin it’s symbol for this city on the Adriatic sea. The colors blend well but the dolphin seems too cartoonish.
13  cagliari_bgCagliari Isolani


The logo was inspired by the symbols and colours of the Sardinian city; red and blue, and the four moors facing the right with bandage on their heads.  Clean look but would have preferred a single color shield border.
12  sassuoloSassuolo Neroverdi


The club from Modena is the only one that has a soccer ball in their logo, which is a bit tacky. The crest features the team colors green and black, on the upper left the three hills of the city and on the right the kit stripes.
11  napoliNapoli Partenopei


Napoli’s logo is simple yet elegant, a white N in a light blue circle with a darker blue border decorated with a shade and lighting effect. The font of the N could have been something other than times new roman.
10  interInter Nerazzurri

La Beneamata

Il Biscione

Football Club Inter Milan – white FCIM letters interlock in a circle surrounded by a black border and another blue border. Colors blend well but too many interlocking letters for my liking.
9  atalantaAtalanta Orobici

La Dea

An oval logo featuring a mythological Greek Goddess comes together nicely against a blue and black background.
8  bolognaBologna Rossoblu


The oval crest combines the red and club stripes of the club on the left and a cross on the right, and team initials on top. Polished look.
7  palermoPalermo Rosanero


A shield incorporating a golden eagle with open wings with a background of pink and black, love how it all comes together.
6  lazioLazio Aquile


Continuing my fascination with golden eagles, Lazio’s eagle resting on top of a shield ready for takeoff catches my eye for the logo with the most original shape.
5  milanMilan Diavolo


Milan’s red and black logo wins the award for best oval crest. Similar to Bologna (stripes on left, cross on right) however prefer the round circle in the oval style.
4  fiorentinaFiorentina Gigliati

La Viola

There is a certain je ne sais quoi about a red fleur-de-lis of Florence in a kite shaped crest with gold border that makes this logo so unique.
3  genoaGenoa Grifoni


Nothing spells royalty like the mythological griffon (combination of a lion and an eagle) coupled with a shield half red half blue and a cross on top.
2  romaRoma Giallorossi


La Lupa

Roma’s crest, incorporating its city’s founders – twin brothers Romulus and Remus, suckling from the she-wolf “La lupa” is gorgeous against the half maroon red and half golden yellow shield.
1  torinoTorino Il Toro

I Granata

The rampant bull, symbol of Turin, in a maroon shield reminds me of the Ferrari stallion and gets my vote for best logo in Serie A.