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The amazing victory that Juventus collected against Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League made its stock jump up in the financial market. The share price of the Black-and-White of Turin reached it’s 10-year high doubling its value compared to twelve months ago (104.05%).

Juventus seems to be on the right path. Worldwide investors are very interested in purchasing shares of Agnelli’s family jewel. Only today,  over 8 million shares have changed hands, just under 1% of the capital for a total of about €4 million.

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As we know, from late February, Juventus that is partially controlled by the subsidiary Exor (63.7%), has been the target of stockbrokers who exchange a large number of shares making up the price. In February, the value of these exchanges was €12 million but in March there was a whopping demand that brought the total to €58 million in 31 days. Today, the session of April 12th, 2017 ended and in less than two weeks of trading the club already recorded trades on the title for €16-17 million in the fourth month of the year. Approximately €25 million shares were traded, an equivalent to 2.5% of the equity.

Speculations and various rumors are out there praising the value of Agnelli’s management and the strategies that his collaborators implemented over the years, however, it seems to be clear that something else is going on. The overall valuation of clubs like Inter and AC Milan could be the factor that is pushing up Juventus’ shares. According to investors and experts of the fluctuation in the financial market, Agnelli’s club is undervalued. Inter was recently priced at €650 million while AC Milan at €520 mln. In light of that, as of today, Juventus capitalizes €503.88 on the Stock Exchange, although only last month the increase in the total value of the club was 25%.

If the reason of this crazy interest in Juventus’ shares is the difference in valuation between the Black-and-White of Turin and the clubs of Milan, this trend will very likely be going on. The club is also on course to hit a historic treble and this is definitely another positive factor that is helping Juventus in the financial market.