Back to the future. Lazio has signed a sponsorship deal with historic Italian electronics firm Seleco, who make their return as the main kit sponsor 33 years since their last appearance. After Sunday’s derby victory 3-1 over Roma, where the Lazio kits featured the Seleco logo, an announcement was made yesterday to officialize the sponsorship deal for next season.

This deal with Seleco is worth €4M for next season, with an option to extend to subsequent seasons if exercised. There is also a provision for bonuses in case of European participation and performance based results.

The Seleco brand, which has been on the biancocelesti jersey for two seasons in the early 1980s, will return to its original font and will be present on jerseys and all communication materials as official sponsor.

This marks the end of sponsorless kits for Lazio, who have not had a main sponsor logo for the past 10 years.

Here are some comparables for other Serie A kit sponsors – reported annually:

Juventus (Jeep): €17M

Milan (Fly Emirates): €17M

Inter (Pirelli): €10M

Roma – no kit sponsor

Napoli (Lete): €5M

Fiorentina (Vorwerk Folletto): €3M