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How much is the Premier League victory worth? – Chelsea is probably already calculating how much the victory of the Premier League will bring into its accounts. In addition, the TV rights revenue should be consistent as well. The distribution of revenue from the sale of television rights in the Premier League is also linked to the league results.

The largest slice is divided into equal parts: the national rights, as well as the totality of the international rights and the so-called core business revenue, are split 50% into equal parts.

Antonio Conte allenatore del Chelsea (Insidefoto)
Antonio Conte – Chelsea’s coach (Insidefoto)

Another 25% of the total is assigned based on the number of times a match is broadcasted live. We are talking about the so-called “Facility Fee“, quite relevant if we consider that television broadcasts are less than 50% of those played. The remaining 25% is finally awarded based on the ranking at the end of the championship. In addition, the so-called “Merit Fee” is equivalent to £1.9 million for each position.

How much is the Premier League victory worth?

* position in the standing sealed


Thanks to Premier League success, Chelsea is already sure to cash in £38m (about 44 million euros). With the second place in the standings, Tottenham will bring home £36.1 million, equivalent to about €42 mln.

* position in the standing sealed

The other teams who sealed their respective positions in the standings are the following:

  • Everton– 7th position: the club will cash in £26.6 million (about €31 mln);
  • Hull City– 18th position: £5.7 million (about €6.5 mln).

All the other positions can still change in the last 180 minutes of the 2016-17 Premier League.