In its last game of the season at Goodison Park last Friday, Everton streamed, for the first time in the Premier League, Snapchat social media live content to the big screens using Tagboard technology.
The club developed a partnership with Seattle-based Tagboard and Snapchat to provide Snapchat content on the giant screen.

Everton vendite abbonamenti

Although no other British clubs have ever used Tagboard’s technology before, the Seattle-based company has provided Snapchat content to screens in major stadiums across the USA.

We are extremely excited to provide our exclusive behind-the-scenes content from Snapchat to our big screens in and around the stadium. One of our goals is to continually enhance the experience for our fans on match days, both on our digital channels and at Goodison.

This is an innovative approach that testifies the great work that Tagboard and Snapchat put in place.” – Everton’s Head of Engagement Scott McLeod said.

Fans from all over the world embrace social media during matches. Snapchat is a great tool to enhances sports marketing strategies. It brings fans closer to their favorite players and teams” – Tagboard CEO Josh Decker stated.