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Chelsea added a “fat check” to their Premier League title banking £152.8 million from the division’s prize pot.The Blues pocketed over £50m more than last season’s title winners Leicester having appeared on the box 28 times. Liverpool is the only team that got more screen time 29 than Chelsea.

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As highlighted by The Sun, a news UK company, these are stunning numbers after the equal share and clubs’ TV games have been collected. The 20 teams of the Premier League got £84.4m from the TV rights.  Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United cashed-in an added £30.4m while Klopp’s crew banked £31.4m having played a game more.

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It’s definitely interesting to know that Sunderland, who finished at the bottom of the standings, earned a whopping £99.9m.

Leicester City, the team that Italian coach Claudio Ranieri led to a historic Premier League triumph last year, banked around £120m with TV fees totaling £19.2m.

Great news for Pocettino’s Tottenham Hotspur as well. The club who reached two-second places in the past two years is cashing in £148.1m. The Premier League pays a merit fee equal to £1.9m per position. In Tottenham’s case, the club is earning a total merit fee of £36.1m (1.9 x 19). Having appeared on the box only 25 times, the Spurs earned slightly less than Chelsea, Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal in reference to the TV fee (£27.6m).