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It’s already been 20 years that Mastercard is the official sponsor of the Champions League and this strategic deal brought enormous profits to the company.

As revealed by the Spanish Economic newspaper Expansion, Mastercard is the longest-running sponsor of the most important international competition for clubs. In a recent interview released to the same newspaper, David Molina, Mastercard Director of Sponsorship in Europe expressed his happiness for this sponsorship deal revealing that one of the goals of the company is  to think forward with long term strategies.

It is the most important global campaign in the world, well recognized by the industry and the experts in marketing. There are very few brands that have achieved a position like ours with a single campaign. – said Molina to Expansion.

A sports team generates polarization. If we sponsored Real Madrid, for example, we would be reaching a very specific niche of clients. If instead you sponsor the competition, you can reach a much wider audience.

Mastercard wants to be an inclusive brand, that’s why events make more sense.”

champions league ufficiale quattro italiane nei gironi

The forecast is that more than 160 million spectators will see  the final between Juventus and Real Madrid in Cardiff live. Nearly 20 million more viewers than those counted in the last edition of the American Super Bowl.

Mastercard believes that around 300 million people will be interested in the final match of the Champions League and this will be huge publicity for the company.

Mastercard unveils its Champions League sponsorship goals

It’s not easy to develop an efficient sponsorship strategy but according to what David Molina revealed, Mastercard hits the mark. The goal of sponsorships is always to have a double-digit return on investment and the company is maximizing its revenues.

For every euro we invest we want a return of at least 10 euro. The good thing is that we are on track. – stated Molina”

This is not the only sponsorship that Mastercard is involved in. The company has linked its name to other major events such as the Roland Garros and the British Open.