Mino Raiola (Photo: Filippo Alfero/Insidefoto)

The FIGC has released a report revealing the agent fees paid by all 20 Serie A clubs in 2016, as per article 8 on the transparency requirement in their bylaws.

A total of €193.3 million was spent, the bulk of which naturally comes from the biggest clubs. In fact, a total of €126.3 million (65%) was spent by Serie A’s big 7 (Juventus, Roma, Napoli, Milan, Inter, Lazio and Fiorentina).

Juventus (€51.9M) spent more than Milan (€15.6M) and Inter (€23.4M) combined, the bulk of which is attributable to the sale of Paul Pogba to Manchester United. This transaction alone netted agent Mino Raiola approximately €27 million from Juventus, representing 52% of the total agent fees paid by Juventus.

On the other end of the spectrum, Lazio spent the least on agent fees (€0.72M), given they were not very active in the transfer market (money wise).

Given the complexity of player contracts and agent fees, it is difficult to measure a proper correlation between the amount of transfer market activity, commission paid to the agent and result on the pitch. Each contract is unique.

Therefore the following table and chart should be viewed for illustration purposes only, and it is reflective of the 2016 transfer activity. It should not be interpreted that a correlation exists between the amount paid in agent fees and position in the standings. However, it can serve as an indicator on how active a team was in the transfer market by the amount spent, albeit an imprecise one.

From this perspective Lazio was the most efficient club, spending €0.10M per point generated in the standings yet still finished the season in fifth place. Juventus was the least efficient at €0.57M per point, however by outspending their opponents they won the scudetto. Inter was the worst performer in terms of agent fees paid and final place in the standings, with a ratio of €0.38M per point and finishing seventh well below expectations.

FIGC report: Serie A agent fees paid in 2016


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