Napoli revenues 2017 – Napoli will close its 2016-17 financial statement with revenues above €300 million including player trading and the Champions League.

According to the estimates that Calcio e Finanza calculated tacking into account the revenue from the stadium, those from the participation to the Champions League (Napoli was eliminated by Real Madrid), and the turnover realized in the two transfer market windows Aurelio De Laurentiis’ club should close its financial statement with a turnover of €307.87 million, up from the €155.35 mln of the 2015-2016 season.

Revenues (Player Trading included)

Napoli revenues 2017 – Revenue from matches

The revenue from matches should be €22.55 million (€15.35 mln in 2015-16). The increase is mainly due to the cash flow realized from the four Champions League games that Napoli played at San Paolo stadium in 2016-2017.

Match / Date / Revenue / Attendance

The revenue generated from Champions League games was €8.16 million but over half of it was tied to the match against Real Madrid (€4.48 mln which represents a historical record for the Azzurri).

The turnover from Serie A matches (including the revenues of around 6,000 tickets sold) amounted to €13.89 million.

Match / Date / Revenue / Attendance

The three Coppa Italia matches held at San Paolo stadium (whose earnings are shared with the host team) generated a combined total of about €1 million.

Match / Date / Revenue / Attendance

Napoli revenues 2017 Sales and other revenues

To properly estimate Napoli’s sales revenue for the 2016-2017 season, we decided to use the same number calculated in the 2015-2016 financial year (€29.8 million). The revenue from sponsorships should be around €26 million, while those from business and royalties should get up to €3.8 mln. We considered the “other revenues” in line with those for the 2015-2016 financial year and amounted to €5.8 million.

Napoli revenues 2017 Revenue from TV rights

The Champions League effect, which has significantly influenced the revenue from games, should play an important role on revenue from TV rights. Napoli should cash in around €75 million for the national competitions, while €65.7 mln from the Champions League including market pool, participation bonus, and performance bonus.


In 2015-2016, thanks to the participation in the European League Napoli had brought home €12.52 million, in line with the €12.33 mln banked in 2014-2015.

Napoli revenues 2017 – Player Trading and Higuain effect

The other factor that would have an important impact on the 2016-2017 Napoli turnover is the transfer of Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus. The sale of the Argentine star and the other transactions concluded (loans included) allowed Napoli to cash in around €89 million.

On Napoli’s financial statement it’s clearly highlighted that after the closing date of the statement the club completed multi-year rights transactions for a total amount of €98.6 mln realizing a total capital gain of €89.5 mln. In reality, we should also add €17 million relative to Manolo Gabbiadini’s sale to Southampton.

Napoli’s overall player trading revenue should be up to €103.3 million.