When news of the FIFA investigation into Pogba’s transfer broke, many were wondering why it was Juventus under scrutiny and not agent Mino Raiola.

In particular, the bianconeri fans were interested in knowing what the outcome would be and if Juventus would be punished with any sanctions.

Milan fans, who are irate over the ‘Donnarumma saga’ and have declared war with Raiola, also want to know how Raiola has escaped further scrutiny.

According to the Daily Mail, any possible repercussions against Raiola would depend on the Italian Football Federation taking action in event of any findings against Juventus.

A FIFA spokesman explained: “Speaking in general terms, only the associations are responsible for the potential impositions of sanctions to intermediaries that infringe the regulations on working with intermediaries outlined in article nine.”

Article nine states: ‘Associations are responsible for the imposition of sanctions on any party under their jurisdiction that violates the provisions of these regulations, their statutes or regulations.

‘Associations are obliged to publish accordingly and to inform FIFA of any disciplinary sanctions taken against any intermediary. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee will then decide on the extension of the sanction to have worldwide effect in accordance with the FIFA Disciplinary Code.’

Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta is not concerned:

“It was a transfer with very high numbers, so it’s only natural there was an investigation. We acted in full respect of the rules, replied to the FIFA questions and are confident there will be no disciplinary action.”