lo stadio di bergamo è in vendita

An investment in the club to be involved in its initiatives and in exchange for benefits, and exclusive rewards. This is the new proposal that Atalanta highlighted in a dedicated area of its portal

After having performed a record season that ended up with a historic qualification to the Europa League, Atalanta recently launched this innovative crowdfunding idea.


Through its official website, Atalanta published a poll to check the willingness of fans interested in helping the club to develop its strategies and reach forecasted objectives.

Fans are asked to express their thoughts in reference to the development of innovative facilities for the sake of both the team and the fans, the projects linked to the Atleti Azzurri stadium, a medical center (for the club, fans and the whole community of Bergamo), investments in the Zingonia Sports Center, various experiences for the community (Fanzone, Wifi at the stadium) and the Nerazzurri museum, which should be built inside the facility recently purchased and ready to be restored.

Those willing to provide their economic contribution will enjoy several benefits such as:

  • Discount on season ticket subscriptions;
  • Credit to spend at the stadium (merchandising, food & drinks);
  • Access to exclusive corporate events (Christmas & end-of-season party);
  • The name on the wall of fame at the stadium or at the sports center;
  • The opportunity to meet players and staff;
  • Exclusive merchandise.