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Infront is definitely betting on a personalized product. The company aims to grow around 30% abroad by providing Italian clubs with an injection of new revenue, a necessary resource for each club.

Last night in London, at the first of the three Roadshows organized by the advisor of the Italian Serie A, news in reference to a marketing model similar to what UEFA adopts for the Champions League was reported.

“The idea is to create an open tender for broadcasters as well as for agencies. This will provide necessary information to the Football League to implement in two moments as for the Champions League. In a second phase, there will be a one to one negotiation with those subjects who have reached a certain target. – said Luigi De Siervo to

The sale – added De Siervo – will provide total exclusivity. The subject that will acquire a particular country will have all the rights. This will also enable sublicensees to be offered. It will greatly depend on the interest that the market has in Italian football.”

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Purely focussing on the show, the idea is to offer a highly personalized product.

“We will be able to offer a product that besides providing a story according to its editorial line will also give each nation the opportunity to follow a different thread. Let’s say that there is a country that needs an image linked to the public effect or to a player etc. This will give everyone a chance to personalize their work.”

In other words, while a country can focus on its local champion’s performance, another can focus more on the pathos, on the public or on aspects closer to the football-television culture of that country.

Packages will be divided by zone and country, for example, “continental” packages for areas of influence and packages for individual countries highlighting linguistic areas and cultural contiguities. In Europe, for example, in addition to an all-encompassing package, the German-speaking area, Scandinavia, and former Yugoslavia will be included.

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From a technical point of view, we will have the HD but also the elimination of annoying dark light effects. – said Popi Bonnici, who was already interviewed by in recent months on the technical details of the Serie A production system.

Obviously we also have to pay attention to domestic rights. “We have suffered the difficulties of the market in the first round – said De Siervo talking about the auction in June. We have been in trouble in the strategic reorganization, we just have to wait for the market to consolidate and we trust in achieving the hoped-for result in the second round.”

Economically the objectives were confirmed. Up to €1.1 billion on the Italian market and a more ambitious goal that brings revenues from €197 million to €300 mln on the international part.