James Pallotta / Insidefoto

James Pallotta attacks his counterpart at Milan Yonghong Li accusing him of spending too much on the current transfer market session without having the necessary financial stability.

AS Roma president Pallotta released an interview to the Associated Press expressing perplexity on the expenses of the Rossoneri forecasting a worrisome scenario for them.


“I cannot understand what’s happening there. They don’t have money to do what they are doing. Not even to buy the club. They borrowed €300 million from someone that I know in London at a very high interest” – said the Bostonian investor.

They are anticipating expenses for players but they will pay the consequences for that. They stated that their goal is the qualification to the Champions League but it’s not going to be enough. When salaries will be the same as revenues I do not know what the hell is going to happen.”

They are only in Italy that are losing their minds. Perhaps they have a great plan that we will discover at a later day. The rest of the teams are somewhat rational. Please, explain to me what Milan is doing because I do not understand …