Nike Ordem V
Nike Ordem V

It is already ten years that Nike and Serie A are in partnership. Their first agreement was sealed in 2007 and the last deal was formalized in 2015. The Serie A ball will still be produced by the US company.

How does Nike ball supply work?

The Italian football federation has explained how this partnership works in a recent official statement. Nike provides 450 official balls to the 20 Serie A teams. The supply is divided as follows:

  • 300 official balls ORDEM 5 (white);
  • 150 official balls ORDEM 5 HI-VIS (yellow).


Lega Serie A will deliver the ball supply to each club’ official address. The Nike balls will be delivered by October 30, 2017.

Clubs must use these balls in every official competition organized by the Lega Serie A (Serie A TIM, TIM Cup, Super Cup TIM and Youth competitions TIM). Furthermore, during the winter months, following an official announcement of Lega Serie A, and in any case between November 1st, 2017 and February 28th, 2018, the 20 TIM Serie A clubs must use the official ORDEM 5 HI-VIS model, both for the TIM Serie A and TIM Cup games.


What will happen if the clubs need more balls?

Clubs have to purchase them at a discounted price:

  • 1 to 200 balls can be purchased for €44 + VAT;
  • From 201 onwards €55 + VAT.