Cristiano Ronaldo has bought quotas in one of Portugal’s largest digital agencies to create a new brand and a vehicle to launch new technology products.

CR7 is now a majority shareholder of Thing Pink. The agency, led by Luis Parafita, has been involved in a number of high profile projects in the Iberian peninsula.

Cristiano Ronaldo - Insidefoto
Cristiano Ronaldo – Insidefoto

Thing Pink is known as a “multidisciplinary team of prominent thinkers, strategists, designers, engineers, producers, pirates, and geeks who redefine digital experiences and ecosystems.” 

The Thing Pink brand will now be replaced by “7EGEND”. The team is working with Madeira’s Craque to launch the brand.

Well informed sources close to the company explained that 7EGEND is more or less the “continuation” of Thing Pink, but will continue to produce its own stand-alone technology products.

Thing Pink was previously responsible for installing the entire digital component of the new CR7 museum in Funchal (Madeira Island) and is well known for developing smartphone applications for McDonald’s, FNAC and Port.

CR7 strategy is to become more and more an entrepreneur linked to his brands after being a testimonial of important brands over the years.