There have been several reports regarding UEFA’s refusal of AC Milan’s proposed voluntary agreement surfacing the past few days but UEFA has dismissed those rumours in a statement to ANSA.

The decision on the voluntary agreement has not been made yet, and therefore “the rumours currently circulating in the media about a potential refusal are unfounded. The  Club Financial Control Body (CFCB) will meet on Friday to discuss the request for voluntary agreement and the decision will be made next week. The CFCB is an independent body and has yet to take a definitive position on the matter presented to us.”

AC Milan CEO Marco Fassone, present at the Lega Serie A assembly, expressed his disappointment about any potential leaks to the media.

“There is disappointment and surprise to learn from newspapers about this potential funeral. The CFCB will meet tomorrow and there is already a negative decision for us being reported in the newspapers. This does not please us.”

“I have too much respect for UEFA and the CFCB to understand how these rumours started a day early. I hope this is not the case. I have a ton of respect for Yves Leterme –  CFCB chief investigator and ex Belgium Prime Minister, and hope that the decisions that will be taken tomorrow or in the next few days will be ethical and neutral towards Milan.”

Fassone went on to say that Milan provided a thorough and complete documentation, and that “it is obvious it takes two to respect an agreement. Milan has demonstrated its ability to be flexible and will respect their decision.

I would like to reiterate that the voluntary agreement, in respect to the traditional one (settlement) does not come with any sanctions. In the worst case scenario, he concludes, it is not a funeral. In the next few months we will discuss another agreement.”