A group of Lazio fans at the stadium (Photo:
A group of Lazio fans at the stadium (Photo:

Lazio’s financial statement 2015-2016 closed with a consolidated red of €12.63 million against a profit of €5,81 million recorded in the previous season. The Board members of Lotito-owned team approved and certified the statement recording a -16.3% of the production value that decreased from €110 million, in the 2014-15 season, to €91.65 million. The club stated that the actual decrease in value (€-18.47 million) is only due to the missed qualification to the European competitions, the biancocelesti ended that season eighth in the standings.

The operating costs remain nailed to €84 million with a variation of 0.97% compared to June 30 2015 but rising to €103.3 million including depreciation, amortization, and severance pay.


The club has also reported that the consolidated revenue 2015-16 are inclusive of:

  • Match revenue: €7.53 million;
  • TV rights and other concessions: €67.88 million;
  • Sponsorships;
  • Advertising;
  • Royalties: €11.09 million;
  • Merchandising revenue: €0.84 million;
  • Other operating income: €5.06 million.

Although Lazio played into the Europe League during the reported period that revenue was not taken into account. This is due to last year’s decision by the club to include €22 million of revenue cashed-in from UEFA into Lazio’s financial statement, closed on June 30 2015. By doing so, Lotito avoided closing Lazio’s financial statement with an economic loss, however, he couldn’t do the same during this fiscal year.

A marginal effect caused by the missed qualification to the European competitions is the decrease in personnel expenditure to €58.8 million (-3.18% ytd).

In reference to the summer 2016 transfer market session, not accounted in the current Lazio financial statement 2015/16, the club carefully explained that: “4 players were signed for a total expense of €31.25 million.” In addition, another 4 players were sold with a total capital gain of €22.34 million, principally due to Antonio Candreva’s departure. Lazio is also looking forward to opening a new Lazio Store in the East area of Rome. Perhaps, this decision could increase Lazio’s merchandising revenue that is now stuck at €840,000.