Roma president James Pallotta (

Serie A clubs’ revenues: Although Juventus firmly holds the first position of this ranking thanks to the €341.5 million earned and reported in their official 2015/16 financial statement, Roma made an important step forward. James Pallotta’s club overtook AC Milan in the second place of the teams who last year earned the most.

Roma closed the 2015/16 financial statement with €219.42 million in revenue, an increase of 21.5% compared to €180.62 mln in the previous season. Therefore, Roma relegated AC Milan to third position as the rossoneri closed their fiscal year with €217.23 mln in revenue.

Turnover Serie A teams - AC Milan vs Roma comparison
Turnover Serie A teams – AC Milan vs Roma comparison

Inter Milan should be the fourth in the ranking while Napoli should comfortably sit in fifth position. As Erik Thohir as often mentioned, Inter Milan’s 2015/16 financial statement should be closed with €180 million in revenue. In reference to the partenopei, that last year didn’t participate in the UEFA Champions League, the official data cannot be verified at this time because the club still didn’t release the statement.

Rome overtakes AC Milan: There are a few things that we have to take into consideration to explain why Roma earned just a few million more than AC Milan: 1)AC Milan didn’t participate in the Champions League and in any other European competition; 2) the revenues from the San Siro stadium collapsed, even because the club played fewer games during the season; 3)Roma collected more revenues coming from the Champions League 2015/16 TV rights.

However, Roma’s step forward seems not to be due to structural developments. The giallorossi were recently defeated by Porto in the Champions League qualifier and relegated in the Europa League, a competition less profitable for the club. In the last year of the Champions League,  Roma collected €68.5 million in TV rights and €8.5M in revenue from the stadium (let’s think that Roma had played against Real Madrid and Barcelona as well.)

In addition, in the 2016/17 season AC Milan will play more games at the San Siro stadium than those of the previous year. In light of that, the rossoneri should collect more revenues. Also, AC Milan can count on more commercial revenues compared to Roma. AC Milan’s revenues from sponsorships, royalties, and merchandising are €82.75 million while those of Roma are just €21.08 mln.