Gianni Infantino FIFA president (Insidefoto)
Gianni Infantino FIFA president (Insidefoto)

FIFA president Gianni Infantino is in no doubt: not only does he want video replays, he also wants referees to conduct post-match interviews. The FIFA president expressed this desire yesterday when he travelled to San Siro to watch the friendly between Italy and Germany.

“They are normal people and it’s only right that they can express their point of view. It would make them more human and if they could explain to everyone how difficult it is to be a referee, it would help others to understand their decisions,” Infantino told Rai Sport.

During the friendly at the Giuseppe Meazza, there were further tests for the VAR (Video Assistant Referee). “He was used correctly. He was needed twice in the second half, for the offside goal and the penalty that wasn’t awarded. The system works and we’ll move forward with it, we’re trying to help referees.”

Yesterday, former referee Rosetti also added his authoritative voice calling for the introduction of video replays.

Infantino also used the opportunity to pay tribute to Buffon (“Will I get the chance to present him with the World Cup in 2018? He’s a wonderful player, a living football legend – we’ll see in a couple of years”) and Maradona: “What he has done for football, to make fans fall in love with it, is incredible. He’s well-respected and I hope that we’ll be able to do something together in the future.”