For now it’s just an idea, put forward by Pierpaolo Marino during a sporting directors’ forum organised by Tuttosport. But it could be an idea worth pursuing as the foundations are already in place.

As Marino himself explained, “Cairo is a great manager, he’ll never take a leap in the dark. After being at Torino for a few years though, he admitted to me that he was feeling dejected because he was losing a lot of money.”

However, in recent seasons the club have reached a turning point. “The best things he has done have come in the world of finance,” Marino added. “He has already provided the club with plenty of capital, and if he floated it on the stock exchange one day then he would be taking it to the next level.”

Even though the past experiences of Juventus, Roma and Lazio don’t give great signs for encouragement, Marino believes that it could be different for Torino. “The stock market would propel Torino to an exceptional level, including internationally, thanks to its glorious history.”

There was a wide-ranging discussion about Torino, during which it was also suggested that Adriano Galliani could join the Granata sooner or later.

“Bringing Galliani on board would be a great move,” Marino said, “a real statement of our intent to reach the top.” Everything relies on the two parties reaching a mutually satisfactory agreement, and in particular whether Galliani – who has a chance of being appointed the Lega president – would prefer to remain tied to only one club and retain a central, day-to-day role in football.