Trofeo Tim - Giuseppe Marotta e Adriano Galliani Milan vs Juventus Trofeo Tim Triangolare di calcio Milan - Juventus - Sassuolo 23/07/2013 Reggio Emilia, stadio Mapei - Citta del Tricolore. Football 2013
Galliani and Marotta Foto Antonietta Baldassarre / Insidefoto

“I am in favor of playing a few rounds of Serie A abroad – said AC Milan CEO. We have to push Serie A awareness around the world, and we also have to be more careful when selling TV rights.” Galliani continues “it’s not only about the money, rather visibility.” “Even though Italian Football is no longer ranked first, it’s still an Italian excellence. It must be known. Some matches need to be played abroad, just like what happens in Nba. TV rights agreements will be of fundamental importance in order to massively increase visibility.”

Vincenzo Montella, Milan’s head coach, agrees: “Galliani’s words spark curiosity. I am totally in favor of playing one match abroad, although I am not an expert on its feasibility.” Playing the Italian Super Cup final in Doha “it’s a great opportunity to be known and get to know foreign countries. Serie A is very well known in the Arabic world. It’s a main event and their facilities allow the perfect outcome of the event.”

“Playing matches abroad? This seems to be the direction the whole sport world is taking,” commented Gianluigi Buffon, goalkeeper and captain of Juventus and the National team. “We are going towards the direction of sport-business, sport-show. I think this is the common direction sport is taking, not just football. Just like Nba has been playing since 3-4 years two matches per year in London. Sport is changing its structure – concluded Buffon – but it is also true that this new system is bringing together worlds that seemed very distant.”