Paulo Dybala: Juventus-Barcellona Photo Kieran McManus/imago/BPI/Insidefoto

Dybala and Juventus will be together for another 5 years. After the official statement released by the Black-and-White of Turin, Calcio e Finanza deeply analyzed the ultimate numbers of the agreement that will allow Palermo to capitalize on the 23-year-old Argentine star’s signature. As released by Juventus in the Official statement “following the agreement, Palermo has gained a premium of €8 million.” This prize will be paid in four annual installments from 2018 to 2019.

Thanks to the new contract, Dybala will earn €7 million per year.

Dybala’s performances in the first 21 months with Juventus are very remarkable: 82 appearances, 39 goals, and 16 assists.

Dybala had been purchased from Palermo for €40 million. €32 mln were paid right away and, as previously mentioned, other €8 mln were due to the achievement of predetermined objectives.

What is Dybala’s value at this time?

Let’s say that the transfer market doesn’t provide us with a clear picture of the value of the Argentine star. Every deal is different and the terms of a contract can change on the basis of the moment in which it’s stipulated. We also have to highlight that if a big team eyes a star the seller would ask a higher fee and that if a deal is sealed at the end of a transfer market session it would likely be more expensive. That being said, some ratings may help us bring an answer to the previous question, what is Dybala’s value at this time?

CIES,  the Swiss institute of research values Paulo Dybala at €120.6 million. It is a rating based on parameters such as appearances and performance of the players in accordance with the actual agreements for players with similar characteristics.


In the above graphic, we can see the differential detected by CIES about Paulo Dybala’s value. The Argentine star is clearly at a level 60-70% over the average of the experience and performance of players in the same role and with his age in the first five European leagues. According to the same evaluation index (also in relation to the different ages of the players), Cristiano Ronaldo is worth €109.7 million while the player with the highest value is Lionel Messi, who is still listed for €170 mln.

Among the players at the top of this ranking, there is also Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann. The French national has a value of €150.4 million, practically the same value attributed to Manchester United’s Paul Pogba (€150.3 mln). Eden Hazard’s value is lower than that of the previously listed football stars. The Belgian forwarder is listed for €111.3 million. Obviously, these are purely virtual evaluations based on a statistical algorithm that gives us a general idea of a possible value of a single player.