The FIGC, in collaboration with the Ministry of Sport and the Commissioner of Reconstruction have launched “Football Helps” – a project supporting grassroots football in areas affected by earthquakes.

Present at the event were:

Michele Uva – FIGC CEO
Luca Lotti – Minister of Sport
Maria Elena Boschi – Secretary of the Council of Ministers
Vasco Errani – Commissioner of Reconstruction
Carlo Tavecchio – FIGC President
Paolo Maldini – Ambassador

Carlo Tavecchio – FIGC President:

“A football match can help alleviate the suffering of people affected by earthquakes. The FIGC is always there as they were in the past after the tsunami, the earthquake in l’Aquila and the floods in Liguria.”

“Football has an element of cohesion and inclusion. As in the past, we will intervene with the same determination to help the population affected by the earthquake. It’s a very serious issue. There are 77 clubs from 51 municipalities who are being helped, we need to raise a lot of money. On Sundays and Saturdays we have young players who can relieve their suffering by playing football, things need to return to normal and the FIGC is ready to give its all. We are present always and wherever, we are a structure for civil protection and we will run other initiatives.”

Luca Lotti – Minister of Sport:

“Sport can do a lot, it can help and give concrete symbols as with the ‘Football Helps’ project. We promised the people affected that we wouldn’t abandon them. Today it’s nice that sport and football in particular have made themselves available for this wonderful initiative.”

Michele Uva – FIGC CEO:

“It’s through teamwork that you can achieve the best things. With the government, we have shared the desire to return to normality and for sport to return to being played in the affected areas. Our aim is to continue with the determination and courage you see in football. Help will arrive in different ways. Equipment will be donated thanks to our sponsors Puma and Liski. There will be technical help from our coaches through the Educational and Youth Section because children are often the main victims of these situations. The San Marino Federation have been directly involved with ‘Football Helps’ and I also publicly thank the Japanese and Turkish Federations for their contributions. Fundraising will continue until the friendly with San Marino on May 31st, and UEFA involved with President Ceferin, FIFA are also with us as are the other leagues naturally.”

According to the FIGC press release, the Japanese Federation donated over one million Euros. Also involved in fundraising are PUMA, FIAT, Sixtus, Liski and donations can be made to the phone number 45525 which will remain active between 19th and 31st May when Italy play a friendly in San Marino at the Stadio Carlo Castellani in Empoli.

Transport will also be provided so that young players can participate.