Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo - Photo David Klein/ Sportimage / Insidefoto

Cristiano Ronaldo is up for sale. This is the bombshell reported by the Portuguese newspaper A Bola.

If these rumors will be confirmed a transfer market earthquake would be triggered in Europe. Ronaldo would have already informed Real Madrid about his decision. His departure from the Blancos is due to recent rumors of his arising TAX issues with the Spanish revenue agency.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sale would trigger a tremendous domino effect in the European football.

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Real Madrid stated that it is not going to keep a player who is not willing to remain, however, also clarified that the club will rule on the price-tag.

According to recent rumors, Ronaldo’s value should be 180 million.

Manchester United and PSG could be interested in purchasing the Portuguese phenomenon. Probably these are the only clubs who can afford Ronaldo at this time. Including the contract for the player spread over a period to be decided the overall deal could cost 400 million.

Although the news rapidly spread worldwide, Real Madrid is not willing to put fuel on fire and is carefully evaluating what to do.

Cristiano Ronaldo could trigger the biggest transfer move in football history.