In my opinion, if there is an important offer, there will be no other way but to accept it. Milan cannot afford to leave Donnarumma on the stands for an entire season refusing several millions for him.

This is what Giocondo Martorelli stated when interviewed by TMW Radio in reference to the possible scenarios of Donnarumma’s case. Recently, the Italian goalkeeper and his agent Mino Raiola rejected Milan’s contract renewal proposal.

In the press conference that Marco Fassone held right after the unfortunate meeting with Donnarumma’s agent, Milan’s CEO clarified that the contractual agreement between the player and the club will go on until the natural expiration of the same (June 30th, 2018). This could be a drastic solution that could seriously damage the future of the player who will be relegated on the bench or on the stands for more than 12 months if Milan will not be able to properly monetize from his departure.

Donnarumma’s sale in this transfer market window is the most probable scenario at this stage. According to recent rumors, Mino Raiola would have already sealed an agreement with Real Madrid for €6 million per year. However, the Blancos would be willing to welcome the goalkeeper at the Bernabeu stadium not paying any fee to the Rossoneri. At the end of the next season Donnarumma would be able to leave the club freely. Raiola would have already alerted his lawyers to protect the player from any harassing behavior by Milan.

Mino Raiola (Photo: Filippo Alfero/Insidefoto)
Mino Raiola (Photo: Filippo Alfero/Insidefoto)

However, Milan cannot lose Donnarumma without having a serious economic return but it would be difficult for the Rossoneri to properly monetize from him. Milan would like to trigger an auction between those top European clubs willing to sign the keeper. Mino Raiola seems to be determined to bring him to Real Madrid though.

Fassone could sale the player to PSG for €40 million unleashing Raiola’s fury.

nuovi dirigenti milan squadra marco fassone
Marco Fassone (Insidefoto)

The Spanish sports newspapers AS and Marca are reporting an imminent agreement for the young Italian goalkeeper for a very reasonable fee or for free in 2018. The Blancos targeted Donnarumma also because Jose Mourinho set De Gea’s price-tag to €114 million.

Even the bookmakers believe in Donnarumma’s imminent move to Real Madrid quoting it at 1,29 while the possibility that the player will remain at Milan is quoted 3,5. According to the bookmakers Juventus (7), PSG (17), and Manchester United (26) are not valid alternative for the Italian young star.