Juventus Head Office
Juventus Head Office

Juventus has officially opened its new head office in the district of Continassa, Turin.

Almost two years since the announcement in October 2015, where the plan for the development and upgrading of the Continassa Area was announced by Juventus Chief Financial Officer Aldo Mazzia, the first step of having the new HQ ready before the new season started was completed on time.

According to Juventus press release, the development plan was financed by the J-Village Property Fund. The new site, which covers a total of 4,370 square metres, will host the club’s management and administrative staff and stands as the latest sign of the Bianconeri’s progression into a bright, new black and white future. The head office is right next to Allianz Stadium.



In the spring 2013, Juventus acquired a renewable 99-year lease for the Continassa Area from the municipality of Turin, initiating a plan which comprises the development of six sites, the first of which, the club’s new headquarters, which opened today.

The other projects include the JTC (Juventus Training Center), the first-team training facility which will also house the Media Center; the new Juventus Head Office; the J-Hotel; the WINS – World International School, the Concept Store. A Power Station and the service infrastructure for the whole area will complete the development.

The project, coordinated by Studio Rolla and the Sintecna Studio team in Turin directed by Prof. Paolo Napoli, occupies an area of approximately 4,370 m2 and was built by Milan construction firm Impresa Pessina Costruzioni S.p.A. In parallel to this, urbanisation works were carried out over approximately 42,500 square meters of public areas for parking, green spaces and new roads. These works, to a value of about € 4.25 million, were carried out by Milan-based Pessina Costruzioni S.p.A.

The development of the J Village with all its amenities will ensure the Italian Champions will have top quality facilities at their disposal for many years to come.