Serie B website
Serie B website

Serie B has launched a new app and revamped its website just in time before the start of the new season.

In a press release from its official website, Serie B wanted to respond to the demands of the fans and get modern with the times with an innovative and dynamic modernization of its platforms. The new app is available on iOS and Android.

The project of the relaunch was handled by Serie B’s official digital partner Iquii, a digital consulting company that specializes in integrating technology and communication. They used a data-driven approach focusing on optimizing ergonomics and usability while developing on architecture that offers users more personalization and interaction. On the league side, improvements were made on the logistics for fan growth and retention.

The new fan-centric model allows fans a seamless access to information, immediate response to inquiries and share their passion by via social media with other fans.

The restyling of the website was done with a focus to develop a platform where supporters, calcio fans, clubs and those working in the football industry can find and consult all the content quickly.

With the new fan focused app, users who register can link to “my club” and personalize the content they wish to receive.

The Serie B website and app become an information hub that offers:

  • game results
  • standings – club and goal scorers
  • stats
  • news, video, photos of every club
  • all official communication published by the league
  • live play by play text of each match
  • push notifications on major game events (start, when a goal is scored)
  • push notifications on news

Federico Smanio, Head of Digital Transformation and Fan Relationship Management:

“The revamp of our website and app represents the first important step in a roadmap shared with Iquii towards a digital transformation of an integrated platform capable of responding to the needs of the fan, making it a point of reference while navigating the web in search of content and opportunities related to the Serie B.”