Coppa Italia 2017-18
Coppa Italia 2017-18

Serie A has announced the matchups for the Coppa Italia 2017-18 during a presentation of the draw today in Milan.

The draw proceedings are the same as the past two years, with 78 clubs participating (20 from Serie A, 22 from Serie B, and 36 from Lega Pro).

As per the draw procedures, the top eight Serie A clubs from last season are automatically seeded in the round of 16. If they all win their single game elimination match, the quarter-finals will be as follows:

On the left side of the bracket – Juventus vs Roma, Atalanta vs Napoli, and on the right side Milan vs Inter, Fiorentina vs Lazio. With this draw result we can potentially see another repeat of last year’s final of Juventus vs Lazio.

Coppa Italia Table
Coppa Italia Table – note teams in red are the home team


The first round of the tournament will take place on July 30, followed by August 6 and August 12. There will be a break for a little over three months with the start of the new season before the tournament resumes at the end of November.

Interesting for this year is having the round of 16 games start late in December just before Christmas, with some people off work it might be a way to have more people fill up the stadiums.