Milan players greeting the fans - source:

As Milan are preparing for the first leg of their Europa League tie with Romanian club Craiova, ticket sales are going strong for the return match at San Siro with over 20,000 tickets already sold in less than three days.

The enthusiasm of the summer transfer window and return to Europe has galvanized the rossoneri faithful. With nine days remaining till the August 3rd clash, it looks very likely over 50,000 tickets for the third round qualifier and Milan’s first official match of the season.

As for the first leg, the match will be played in Stadionul Municipal, Drobeta-Turnu as the current home of CSU Craiova (Stadionul Extensiv) does not meet UEFA standards. Thus Milan will have to travel a further 111km north.

To ensure as many fans as possible will be in attendance, the pricing for the return match at San Siro can be considered fan friendly, given the range of possibilities for tickets being sold between 20 and 40 euros.

Premium tickets in the lower red sections are priced between 70 and 140 euros.