Ventura - Photo Andrea Staccioli / Insidefoto

Just in time for the upcoming World Cup 2018 qualifiers, the new FIGC logo has been leaked via

The FIGC will replace its logo as PUMA designs the new Italy kit for the World Cup 2018, assuming of course Italy will qualify for the tournament in Russia.

There are three significant changes made to the logo:

  • The acronymn FIGC within the swirl of a ball has moved up and the green white and red has the same golden brown colours of the ITALIA font
  • The Italian flag is now put together as one within a shield rather than have a slim border between the colours
  • The 4 stars, representing the 4 World Cup championships (1934, 1938, 1982, 2006) have been moved up to the top of the crest, and now match what other World Cup winners have with their logo by having the star(s) at the top

New FIGC Logo

New FIGC logo 2018

All put together, the new logo with a rounder shape and smoother edges uniting the elements together gives off a softer, friendlier image to the eye compared to the previous logo.

Currrent FIGC logo

Italy has four matches remaining in the qualifying round, with two of them coming up in a few days.

A battle for first on Sept. 2nd vs Spain at the Santiago Bernabeu in Madrid followed by a home match vs Israel on Sept. 5th at Mapei Stadium.