From next season, every club included in European competitions will have to publish the financial statements on its official website adding a report by the auditors.

This is one of the biggest news of the Financial Fair Play 2.0 in reference to the three-year period 2018-21 as reported by the Italian outlet ‘La Repubblica’.

UEFA, the associations of leagues, clubs, and players are still discussing this new regulation but in May the guidelines should be put into practice for next season. According to UEFA, the current regulations benefited the world of football and the general structure will be reconfirmed. Further regulations in reference to the financial transparency will be implemented though. The main objective is the ‘competitive balance’ among the 12 top European clubs and the other teams.

Clubs will publish online their balance sheets disclosing the commissions paid to agents to avoid disparities in the accounting of TV rights and the market. By doing so, the excessive financial imbalance of a club in a market session will be monitored with more elements of judgment.

UEFA and FIFA want to monitor the current monopoly of the players’ agents as well. This is a topic with deep political roots. “Too much money damages football killing it. We must prevent this scenario. – said Anne Brasseur, a Luxembourg Member of Parliament.”